The Specification - Caterham 7 360 R S3 Chassis

The specification, my specification.........

Even now as I write this post about my specification, I recall the challenges I faced. Ultimately I opted for a 360 R pack with the standard S3 chassis. I'd test driven the 360 and found the car to be throughly enjoyable, and whilst fellow owners had made a strong argument for the 310 being the so called sweet spot I ultimately went with the 2.0l motor due to the improved torque. I'm assuming I won't notice the difference in weight between the 1.6l and 2.0l during normal road driving.

Yes, even though I did state normal road driving which is where the car will spent most of its time, I'd opted for the R pack. For me I felt the R pack offered more options in the future with critical components installed from the start, such as an LSD etc. Further when comparing my specification of an S pack, which included a lot of the R pack kit such as the black pack, carbon dash and so forth I found it simpler to option the R pack. Only time will tell, ultimately I ended up feeling I should just make a decision.

My choice of S3 chassis may ultimately be the most controversial decision I've made. I am shall we say border line on sizing. Thankfully I am not tall, just overweight, weight I am confident and now better motivated to loose. I believe it is a realistic target, accounting for the delivery time, around 6 months, and then a further 4 to 5 months to build. By the time the car hits the road I will be the correct weight to comfortably fit. :-)

Wonder if others have thought that?

I also thought the SV chassis build was a difficult fit in my small double garage which will also need to store my other toy, a Lotus Exige S Cup.

That is the basics of the order, I'll follow up in my next post with some of my more interesting options, including choice of custom paint finish.

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