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Evo 8 front intercooler FMIC

As a child and teenager, I don’t recall being into cars and they certainly didn’t feature on my bedroom wall in the form of posters, instead, you’d find the latest video game poster even as far back as the 80s.  Nevertheless, I did become a car nut and I think it all started with my first car, a fun little Citroen Saxo 1.1i 'Sportive'.  As soon as I bought that I was hooked.


Now 20 odd years later, I’ve owned a lot of cars, some more successful than others. 











Through that process, I’ve grown to really enjoy and cherish ownership.  Of course, driving is critical to that enjoyment but I’ve also gained an appreciation for the engineering and care of the motor car.


Through my late 30s, I started to modify and maintain my own cars too, often with the support of friends.  Sunday mornings stood around in my garage with a mate and a brew came to represent a simple yet weekly highlight, a welcome backdrop to the usual pressures of daily life.


At the same time, I started doing track-days initially local and then travelling further afield to UK based events. 


Amazingly I then got the opportunity to get involved as a competitor in the world of club rallying.  Both combined simply served to strengthen my interest. 


Of course eventually, I’ve looked for a bigger challenge, something that would offer a new driving experience and challenge to ownership.  A kit car! the challenge to build is incredibly tempting, and so the journey begins with my very own Caterham 7 S3 420 R in kit form. 


At the same time, I’m starting this the blog to document my life with the Caterham.  The blog will detail the journey from order to build, test and onto the enjoyment of driving.


I suspect I’ll include the odd bit of car content related to my other cars too, a Lotus Exige and a Honda Integra Type R.


I won’t bore you with my life story.  You don’t want to be reading that. 


You can also find me on the Lotus 7 Club website and forum too.


Citroen Saxo 1.1i / 1998
Evo 8 Group N E Mark Rodman Steve Colley
Suzuki Swift Sport
Civic Type R EP3
Subaru Impreza WRX Blobeye
Evo 8 MR FQ340
Subaru Impreza WRX GB270
Evo X SST FQ-330
Lotus Exige Cup 260
Rally Impreza Mark Rodman Malcolm Mawdsley Activ8Motorsport
Mark Rodman CTRMint Lotus Exige Toxic Green
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