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Prep continues with a new floor

Interesting weekend this week as I laid a new floor for the garage.


There is a lot of work still to do before the kit arrives to ensure I can work in the garage and still store my Lotus Exige. I need to ensure I can safely work around the Exige, as I certainly don’t want to damage the body with tools whilst building the 7.

To assist I decided to mark out the floor into sections, so that I’d have a permanent visual aid as to where I was in reference to the cars. I looked at lots of options but decided to finish the floor with some new plastic floor tiles. The tile not only provides the visual reference but are extremely strong, avoiding marking from jacks and stands, so ideal for the garage.

The product I selected is called Plasfloor from Birmingham based Barkley Plastics. The quality and finish of the tiles is fantastic, they’re precisely cut and slot together consistently from start to finish.

I appreciate this is a Caterham blog, so won’t spend more time discussing the benefits of the floor tile, but I'm super impressed with the quality.

I did produce a time lapse video of the install, cumulating in the positioning of the Exige on its floor tiles. Hope you enjoy.

Over the come weeks I’ll be getting a new shed to move all the non car related items from the garage to create much needed space. After which I should be pretty much ready.

More information on the tile can be found here;

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