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Go jak go go go.....

Last week preparatory work continued with testing my ‘Go Jak’ wheel dolly system.

I’d purchased a set of Go Jak dollies from Demon Tweaks ( so that I could safely move my Lotus Exige into the corner of the garage over the winter whilst building the Caterham.

When the Go Jak system arrived my Lotus was still in the UK and so I couldn’t test they’d fit under the Lotus. Given the Lotus is now back, I was able to test last weekend.

During the test I was able to get the front ‘Jak’ around the front wheel without issue, unfortunately the rear clashed against one of the vanes on the rear diffuser. A simple fix was to jack the car up in the centre with a trolley jack and lower the car onto the rear Go Jak in it’s closed position. Doing so resulted in ample clearance of any chassis or body work components.

Problem solved!

I can now move the car around with ease. Since part of the Go Jak protrudes from the side of the car when around the wheels, about 3cm from the limits of the wing mirror you actually get a natural perimeter just larger than the car which is ideal, helping to avoid any damage against the garage wall.

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