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Paint your wagon........

Indeed.. paint your wagon. Choice of colour for my Caterham was relatively straight forward from the outset, well once i’d decided to purchase a new kit. Of course whilst I was looking at new or used existing stock cars colour choice was more limited based on what was available.

Once the new build route was taken I had plenty of options. Personally I prefer cars in Green, Blue or Red and strong vibrant tones of those colours. I spent a long time looking at the Caterham colour chart, and reviewing images of cars online looking for the correct combination of paint and decals.

Eventually I came to the conclusion I was looking at a Caterham Pearlescent finish, and most likely Roulette Green or Caterham New F1 Green.

I was very tempted by both colours, however the dreaded specification creep struck again!

For an extra £250 I could request a custom paint finish. That represented an array of new choices, and probably why the car ended up costing a lot more than I’d initially intended.

It wasn't long before I’d decided, possibly a crazy choice of colour, not because the colour is mad, but because I already own a car painted in the same fashion. Yes, I’d decided to paint the Caterham as close as possible to my Lotus Exige Cup, Lotus Toxic Green.

Let’s be clear it's not having two cars the same which is key, more the fact I really like the colour, in strong sun the flake looks stunning, and the tone is so striking. I suspect it might not be to everyones taste, but then again this is my Caterham.

I’ve even painted my current motorsport helmet to match…

Final choice, body work Lotus Toxic Green, with Silver stripe and Black pinstripe. Cam cover painted to match also.

The two cars should look stunning together. I guess the lineage between the cars is there somewhere…. at a stretch….

Toxic Green
Lotus Exige S Cup - Toxic Green

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