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Good job I didn’t name the site 360 diaries !!

Whilst I’m waiting for my kit, which is still a long way off sadly I’ve been doing as much research into the build process as possible. In doing so I came across numerous debates online from existing owners regarding the reliability of the non-standard wet sump fitted to the Duratec engine.

As far as I could tell it would appear that Caterham fit a fairly shallow wet sump to the engine, I guess so that it doesn’t protrude too far underneath the chassis. The problem however is that the shallow nature of the sump can lead to oil starvation under heavy braking or cornering G force.

Although I don’t intend to track my car, I’m sure at some point I will, I’d therefore like to be in a position to track the car without being concerned about the performance of the sump.

Solution was therefore a dry sump kit.

A dry sump kit is available as a cost option on a 360 (2.0L Duratec) at £1550.00 which is approximately half the cost of the difference between the 420 and 360, i.e £3000.00.

Considering this and the other improvements provided by the 420 I phoned Oakmere and just managed to change the order. I really have blown the budget now.

Let’s hope I don’t find a reason to upgrade it to a 620 next week :-)

I need Caterham to deliver the car quick. This waiting business is costing me too much.

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