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Eccles Mirror mounts

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Unfortunately, Lotus 7 club member and BlatChat regular Eccles recently decided to cease offering his custom wing mirror brackets.

Eccles Mirror Mount
Eccles Mirror Mount

If you're not familiar with the bracket, you can catch up here, I fitted the brackets during my build.

I'm sure all members of the club will join me in thanking Eccles for his efforts. I know from the lengthy BlatChat request thread, the bracket was very popular.

Thankfully the design of these fantastic brackets won't be lost. Like the 7 itself, these brackets will live on! Eccles has graciously released the design files so that anyone wishing to manufacture a set can do so.

The files will be available here on Caterham 7 Diaries along with a growing list of suppliers capable of helping in the production process.

This process is going to take a little time. This post will be updated as and when additional manufacturing information becomes available. If you have recommendations then please let me know.


Design Files

All files are included in the following archive file.

Various designs are included in the archive.

  • Solid type,

  • Open type,

  • Open type without mirror holes which could be drilled to suit a different type of mirror.

  • Hinge pieces that can replace the other bits if wanted

  • Double stanchion hinge piece which can be used with the door or the "doorless mount" part for fitting a mirror directly if you run without doors.



Manufacture is typically completed through a process of 3D Printing, however if you find a better or just alternative approach, then please let me know. I'll be going through the process of production soon as I need a set for my new 7 which is still pending a full introduction!

Businesses offering suitable services to manufacture.

Don't forget to source both the left and right now!

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