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Decisions, Decisions, Decisions .........

Updated: May 15, 2018

As a car enthusiast I've had plenty of cars over the years, too many to recall to be honest. I've enjoyed all of them immensely, and been able purchase most with with ease. Buying my first Caterham has been a different experience completely. To be clear I'm not suggesting the support from either Caterham or the dealer network is bad, just that the choice makes the process incredibly difficult. Then there is the dreaded specification creep too, and an unforgiving bottom line, it isn't easy. How such a simple car can have so many iterations is quite amazing. Caterham's pricing strategy is clever too, they really are the masters of making the base cars look cheap.

I can't recall how many times I reviewed the specification sheet attempting to decide exactly which kit and the options to go for. Even after I'd decided to purchase a car in kit form it took months to decide what specification to go for.

With the support of Tom at Oakmere in Cheshire and words of wisdom from the Caterham Owners Facebook group I finally managed to lock in the specification this month and place an order for a kit. Exciting times!

Having done quite a bit of research and read the build manual I'd identified the need to document the build, as it apparently helps during the IVA test process. Demonstrating a private build is for some reason important, may be some one could clarify? I've therefore decided to follow the modern trend of blogging my experience during the build. Since I'm not entirely sure I want to get in front of camera on Youtube just yet, I've decided to start with this blog. A Vlog may follow.......

I hope you'll enjoy following my journey into Caterham life. I'm sure it will be challenging but fun and certainly very rewarding.

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