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A little damp flight lands.......

This week as the tail end of a summer storm lashed the island with some wet and windy weather our postman delivered my first copy of Low Flying, the club monthly magazine for the Lotus 7 Club. Disappointedly the envelope had suffered some exposure to the elements and slight water damage occurred to the edges of the paperwork.

My initial reaction was one of disappointment, however I quickly moved on and saw the irony here. A wet magazine and some unfortunate water exposure is probably quite typical for a Caterham owner, something I should get used too.

The pack also included a pleasant welcome letter and an array of additional leaflets covering discounts, track days and so forth. I’m certainly impressed with the quality and effort that’s gone into the club.

I also posted my first forum post too, a fairly typical “Hi from new member”, to which I received a fantastic warm response. I certainly look forward to getting more involved as time goes by.

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