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Wing mirrors - option 3! seriously.....

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

To some degree, I can't believe I'm writing this blog post, Wing mirror option 3!

A fellow owner recently passed comment that both of my wing mirror solutions might not be IVA compliant based on the size of the mirror. I'm not sure and so have opted to play it safe, fitting the Caterham standard units to the windscreen stantions for the IVA test. I'll then revert back once the car is registered and on the road.

So... I'll need to carry out the typical Caterham mirror modification, removing each mirror from their initial door mount and fitting them to the supplied arms for the stantions. Time for another blog!

Caterham's documentation isn't fantastic on this one, but the job is easy enough. I recommend locating the additional components you'll need to complete the modification. All the bits are shown in the following photograph. They were spread around the place in my kit, the studs were with the IVA accessories such as the rubber covers, whilst the alloy arms were wrapped in blue roll and left loose in a box.

Caterham 7 Build Blog SVA Mirror mount kit
SVA Mirror mount kit

Once you've got the bits together, grab one of the mirrors and remove the screw from the arm, it will require a torx bit to remove. The following photo shows everything separated. The photo doesn't show the loose mount which remains inside the mirror, it's where the screw taps into. It can get stuck so be mindful of it.

Caterham 7 Build Blog Wing Mirror
Disassembled wing mirror

For the next step you'll need a pair of long and thin pliers to hold the loose mount. I'm not sure exactly what to call some of the parts, so please bear with me if it's not entirely clear.

Pull the loose mount outside the mirror base and pass the threaded box section through the 'cup', and hold with the pliers. Pass the screw through the bracket and secure the screw into the mount, ensure the pliers prevent the mount from dropping back. Once you've got some threads engaged you can release the pliers. The loose mount has square sides helping you get traction once you can no longer hold the assembly with the pliers. Continue to tighten until the mirror is clamped in place.

Caterham 7 Build Blog
Assembling the mirror for mounting

Caterham 7 Build Blog
Top view of the assembly process, which can be a little fiddly.

The complete assembly should look something like the following.

The mirror assembly then needs to be mounted on the stantions. Now don't forget I've already removed the middle screw as I previously had my Racetech mirrors mounted on the stantions.

Insert the mirror mount stud.

Mirror mount screwed into place.

Next add the washer.

Caterham 7 Build blog
Stud and washer, ready for the mirror assembly

Place the assembled mirror over the stud and clamp into place using the small grub screw. Job done.

Caterham 7 Build Blog wing mirror
IVA compliant wing mirror mount and mirror, hmmmm.

I have to say the standard mirrors don't look anywhere near as good as either of the other two options I have, and they weigh quite a bit more too. I certainly can't wait to swap back.

Apologies if this post seems a little instructional, it wasn't that interesting to do and so the resultant post is somewhat dry. However, the big day is rapidly approaching, test day! It's so close I'm now watching the weather forecast on a daily basis and praying for a dry day.

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Robert Coffin
Robert Coffin
Oct 02, 2023

Looking for a pair of wing mirrors with mounting bits for a 2000 Caterham7 Superlight R. email is [ USA ]. New or used will work. Need posted to the US. Have paypal


Colin Mill
Colin Mill
Apr 27, 2021

Were the mirrors supplied with your kit flat? They were in my 2004 kit and when fitted as needed for the SVA (as it was then) you could see almost nothing in them. In about 2015 I got some convex ones from Caterham (part 30P183A - seemingly no longer available) and they were a significant improvement.

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