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Top Radiator hose

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

This post is slightly out of order, as I installed the hose after mating the bell housing, gearbox and engine. It's a short entry and so I'm adding it now.

The recommendation is to install the top radiator hose before the engine goes in.

Caterham 7 S3 420R Radiator top hose
Top radiator hose, picture Caterham Cars

Fitment of the hose is pretty straightforward although it is a tight fit. I used the smallest amount of silicon lubricant just to ease the hose onto the target port on the back of the engine above the bell housing. Don't forget to put the jubilee on first.

I like others such as concluded the supplied 40mm jubilees were just to small, I mean impossible. I already had some quality jubilees and so opted for a 52mm which made for a perfect and easy fit.

Caterham 7 S3 420R top coolant port
52mm jubilee

I'm not sure what Caterham's logic is for supply 40mm, cost? May be an email to Derek to clarify.

I'll rotate the jubilee round for the perfect fit once the engine and other auxiliary items are installed.

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