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Some housekeeping before fitting the new radiator..​

Before I could start the process of mounting the new radiator I had a couple of minor steps to go through. First up, transferring over the oil cooler to the new radiator. Whilst Caterham had supplied a fantastic new radiator, it wasn't supplied with a new oil cooler, so I needed to move the existing oil cooler from the original radiator.

Moving the radiator was as simple as unbolting two retaining bolts either side of the oil cooler and two lower fan mount bolts, I forgot the fan mount bolts the first time and hand to repeat the process. Once the oil cooler is in place you can't insert the bolts... doh! For reference, the cooler bolts are torqued to 20nm.

Next up the front Anti-rollbar (ARB) and ball joint. I'd previously fitted the front ARB into the right-hand side ball socket and then secured the bar to the right-hand side of the chassis using the bushed bracket. Unfortunately, I just couldn't insert the left-hand side. I took the decision I was going to complete the ARB install, and get the left-hand side into place before fitting the new radiator.

Well I can only say it was impossible to get the ball into the socket, no matter what I did. I tried cable ties, clamps you name it, trying to compress the ARB inwards to increase the force from the ball on the receiving socket. Nothing worked. In the end, I turned to the BlatChat and I took advice, remove the powder coat from the inside of the socket. I started with this, using a Dremel I gradually removed the powder coat and a small amount of metal, but still struggled to get the ball in the socket. It was a tedious process of grinding with the Dremel then extensively cleaning the detritus from the socket, greasing, failing to fit and then cleaning up the grease for another round with the Dremel. In the end, I followed further advice that being to lightly sand the centre circumference of the ball. This I did with a fine Dremel bit at low spend, and thankfully afterwards the ball popped into the joint with moderate force. Phew! Once in place, I inserted more grease into the rubber boots and then cabled tied both fore and after. That's one of those difficult outstanding tasks off the list.

I was now ready to fit the radiator....

Check back soon for the follow-up, detailing the radiator fitment.

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