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Rear light cluster cabling

A very quick post...

This weekend I addressed a number of smaller tasks one of which was tidying up the tail light cluster cabling in the rear arch. It was a quick task but certainly one worth commenting on as the assembly guide instructions are a little vague.

Caterham's instructions in the Ikea style manual are only pictorial in nature and show a cradle clip attached and I presume screwed onto to the end of the lower innermost rear light mounting screw. If you recall the screws are self-tappers and rather large in diameter. To me this didn't seem like much of a permanent solution and I also wondered whether the diameter of the screw was appropriate for the few remaining cradle clips I had left. The amount of thread which shows into the the inner arch is pretty short too. For this reason, I opted to go a different route.

I decided to replace the self-tapper in the lower innermost corner with a Flanged Button Head Hex bolt (M4 x 50) onto which I placed a cradle clip and appropriately size M4 Nyloc nut. I purchased larger additional cradle clips via Amazon for the task.

Note I had to cut the bolts down to approximate 32mm. If you do this, don't forget to add a nut beyond the point you cut. When you remove the nut it will help clean the thread and make it easier to get a new nut on.

Once the cradle clip was fixed into place on the now cut bolt and held by the Nyloc, I threaded through a cable tie and retained the cable from the light cluster as originally proposed by Caterham.

Obviously this is only a subtle change to the design illustrated by Caterham, but I feel an important one as I'm sure the cradle clip would eventually work its way off the screw and become loose.

Having replaced one of the self-tappers I am also convinced the Stainless steel bolt used is a much better method of attaching the rear lights too. I can't honestly see why Caterham choose to ship the self-tappers. Is it a cost reduction? I really hope not.

Anyhow the car remains untested, so I suppose there is a remote chance an IVA tester might not like my solution, but doubtful.


Cable Tie Mounts / Mountings x100 Screw Fit Saddle Mountings (4mm max width)

A2 Stainless Steel Flanged Button Head Screws Hex Socket Flange Bolts M4 x 50 - 10 Pack

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