rear anti-rollbar (arb) install

This one is a retrospective blog, installation was completed back in Nov 2017.

Following the DeDion tube, A-Frame and radius bar came the rear anti-roll bar or ARB install. The Ikea style assembly manual does a really good job of describing how to install the ARB including suggesting using a screwdriver to stretch the bushings around the 90-degree bend in the bar. Given this, there isn't really much for me to add.

Caterham's manual recommends using a spray lubricant when sliding the rubber bushes down the bar, one isn't supplied so you are left to select. I had a number of lubricants available but I wanted to ensure I didn't use a petroleum-based one as it might rot the rubber over time. I actually opted for Honda's Shin-Etsu grease. This might seem like an odd choice, but it's super slippery and explicitly designed for rubber lubrication. I use it to keep the seals around the roof on the Lotus Exige soft so as to prevent squeaking, It's expensive stuff but works wonders.

Honda Shin-Etsu grease

The manual also states you should match the colour of the bushes with the coloured dot on the ARB bar. My supplied orange bushes matched the orange dot on the bar, so all good.

Given the simplicity of the task, I'll complete the blog article with some illustrative photos from the process.

Greased bush and ARB ready for install

ARB and bush in position awaiting retaining clamp

Alloy ARB retaining bracket

Clamped ARB and bush

Completed, ARB left to hang ready for install of drop links

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