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painted cam cover install

This post is going to be a very quick one, but since the outcome looks so goddam good, I thought it deserved a blog post.

I ordered my car with a painted cam cover, in the body colour, Lotus Toxic Green. When the car was delivered the requirement had been missed in the production line and so the painted cam cover was missing. I reported the issue to both Caterham Cars and the supplying dealer, they sorted the situation quickly and supplied a replacement painted cover.

I left the standard black cam cover in place during the build period, avoiding any potential damage to the painted one from hand tools etc. Given the car is now complete I opted to fit the cover today.

Before installing the painted cam cover, the cover required its 'Caterham' plaque fitting along with a blanking plug for a hole and half grommet to protect the loom egress location.

I had to go back to Derek at Caterham to request the plaque as it was missing from the painted cam cover shipment, but Derek quickly supplied. The plaque is a simple fit, as it has a self-adhesive 3M backing, so it's a simple case of peal and stick.

For the blanking plug I removed the plug from the existing cam cover and inserted into the hole on the painted one. I've also a selection of grommets and luckily had one of equivalent size for the half grommet, so cut that down, and glued it in place.

Fitting is a simple case of removing the two retain bolts and the covers swapping over.

And the end result...

Caterham 7 Build Blog - Lotus Toxic Green.
Caterham 7 Painted cam cover in Lotus Toxic Green

Unfortunately the reduction in size and quality of the Jpeg image for the blog doesn't do the paint finish justice, it looks absolutely stunning. Caterham did an amazing job of painting the cover, I'm over the moon with it. I knows it's a little excessive, but I think it's worth every penny. I wish more 7s had painted cam covers.

Caterham 7 Cam Cover
Caterham 7 Cam Cover

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