Paint Protection Film between the bonnet and bodywork

I recently removed some untidy temporary protection applied by Caterham for shipping. The protection was some doubled back foam stuck to the body between the body and bonnet, I guess to prevent accidental damage in transit.

Caterham shipping protection between the body work and bonnet (white tape and foam)

Removing the protection made me consider whether there was a chance for such damage to occur during fitment of the bonnet or general use when driving. The assembly guide didn't detail any fittings and reference photos I'd taken and seen online didn't show any additional protection on other cars.

I gave the situation some thought, realizing if I did something I needed to maintain the appropriate panel gap, and so decided to use some leftover paint protection film (PPF) which had been used to protect the carbon cycle wing protectors.

My wife used her craft guillotine to cut the remaining PPF into appropriate strips, just wide enough to sit on the upward face of the bodywork where it meets the bonnet.

PPF Strips used to protect the body work

The PPF was fitted using a typical soap and water solution which was then pressed out using a squeegee.

Fitting the PPF to the upward face using a soap solution and squeegee

A simple solution which provides some added protection and won't cause any interference with the fitment of the bonnet.

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