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New radiator.... so happy

This week the new 420R radiator arrived with it's revised brackets. I'm going to be covering the install in an upcoming blog however I thought I'd just post a very quick entry now with images for reference.

I have to say I am really impressed with the redesign. The revised positioning which has resulted through lowering the top bobbins underneath the top chassis bracket has permitted the radiator to be moved inward about 16mm and cleared any issues between the left hand side mounting bobbin and top coolant hose. Moving the radiator inwards has also increased the gap between the top of the radiator and the nose cone. This has made a huge difference when fitting the nose cone, the nose fits into place with ease and without fuss.

Overall a massive improvement, I'm really impressed Caterham took onboard my feedback and resolved the problems.

The revised part number for the radiator is 300C0003A.

I do not have the part number of the hanger brackets, I'mm assuming they are not included, please check with Caterham before ordering if you are looking to swap out.

Caterham 420 Race Radiator 300C0003A
Caterham 420 Race Radiator 300C0003A

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