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More disappointment... come on Caterham!

More quality issues and more disappointment!

I'm writing this having not spoken to Caterham about the matter, but I hope when I do a sensible solution will be offered.

So what's my gripe now? Well, I fitted the nose cone badge recently, guess what, it's not central with the nose cone stripes, and by a significant distance too, it's very easy to spot.

The nose cone comes predrilled with two guide holes which receive two pins on the underside of the badge. So the process is simple, clean the surface of the car with some IPA, peel off the sticky backing on the badge, align the pins and holes and stick down. Fixing down the badge is therefore simple.

Caterham Build Blog Nose cone badge
Guide holes with badge fixed to the nose cone

Once stuck, stand back and ........ prepare for the disappointment.

Caterham 7 Nose badge
Caterham 7 badge, offset the the left with reference to the stripes, or may its the stripes that are wrong

I suppose I should have considered this sort of outcome from my previous experiences. To me though using a test badge when fitting the stripes would have been a simple and easy way to avoid this problem. Plus if you can't get the holes right, don't provide them.

Again I'm left thinking am I being too picky...... I don't think so, this car is over 40K GBP. It might be a kit car, but surely there is a reasonable expectation this sort of stuff is done to a sufficient quality level.

Everyone that now sees the car with the nose on also comments on it too, thinking it's my incompetence. It's very annoying having to explain the situation and say 'it wasn't me'.

I've also found the badge itself has a slight imperfection in the moulding too which I didn't spot either. Ideally, the badge needs replacing. The adhesive backing however is very strong so I fear for the paint when removing.

Caterham 7 Badge
Imperfection around the M, very difficult to see on the photograph

Watch this space to see how this one develops.

Found this meme..... sorry couldn't resist, sought of sums up the experience.....


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