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Mid week update

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

Duratec engine prep and washer bottle.

This week has been a quiet one in terms of the build, general fatigue from work hasn't left much energy to get stuck into the build on an evening. Sat in front of the telly watching the Great British Bake Off I did find time to read the manual specifically on engine fitment, that task is round the corner and some preparatory work was in order.

In the 2015 manual, section 7.3 Duratec 420 ( and Seven 360 with Dry Sump ) it clearly states the washer bottle bracket must be fitted before the engine is installed. The statement is accompanied with a few confusing statements as to how to install the bracket.

Having read this I thought I'll go find the bottle and bracket, make sure I have everything.

In my kit the bracket is already installed to the rear of the bottle.

Caterham 7 420R Washer Bottle
Caterham 7 420R Washer Bottle

Once I'd found my bottle I tried to locate the mounting point in the chassis. The manual states it's to be fixed to the front of the passenger side foot box. Logically I went to look at the chassis in that area, but couldn't find locating mounts whatsoever. Hmmm.

I did recall when receiving the kit there was clear plastic tubing in the boot which I'd assumed was washer related, so I checked there. Sure enough I found the tubing and also a power connector which match the configuration on the washer bottle itself. Interesting. The manual stated mount in the engine bay, but the setup in the chassis indicated otherwise. The tubing found in the boot was also traced all the way to the spray in front of the windscreen, again supporting the fact the boot tubing was the water source.

Caterham 7 420R Washer Bottle tubing
Washer tubing and power for the bottle

After a quick search online, and specifically Lotus Seven Club forum I found the following post which confirmed my suspicion.

Caterham 7 420R Washer Bottle
Approximate location of washer bottle in the boot.

I've tried to align the holes on the mount with those on the side of the boot, where the wheel arches will go, but not found anything that matches. I think I'll wait until I'm working on the rear of the car and have more understanding the mountings there. At least I won't be stumped by this on the day the engine is going in. Worthwhile prep then!

Other news, an engine hoist leveller arrived in the post. This will be needed to achieve a controlled angled descent into the tight recesses of the engine bay.

Engine hoist leveller
Engine Hoist Leveller

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