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Limited Slip Differential (LSD) Install

Here's the second blog article regarding the installation of the prop shaft and differential. Part 1 is found here;

As I mentioned in part one installing the differential was physically tough. You need to be prepared to spend lengthy periods under the car handling the differential into place and then fitting the required washers and bolts. I knew from the outset it wasn't going to be possible to lift the differential into place and hold while then securing, so I needed a solution.

Unfortunately here is where I'm going to cease writing this blog article.

Why? Well lifting the differential into place using my method was pretty shifty. The differential did rock from side to side even with the padding I provided. Given this I'm conscious of publishing my approach for another builder to follow which results in an injury and I get sued! A little extreme maybe.

At the end of the day the install is well document in the Caterham assembly guide, you just need a to be firm with the top bolt!

Apologies if this is a disappointment, but unfortunately I only came to the above decision as I wrote the blog.

I did take some stills from the process which I'm happy to share.

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