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JAL LED Flasher Relay is needed

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Hmm, I might have jumped the gun with the Just Add Lightness LED indicators in my previous post.

Caterham 7 Blog Just Add Lightness Front LEDs
Just Add Lightness Front LEDs

During the installation I used the hazard function to test the LEDs, unfortunately, this did not test the LEDs when used individually as a single indicator. When I took the car out for an evening drive I found the indicators didn't work correctly. Initially, their speed was too fast, which then changed to a permanently on state when engaged. I was aware JAL advertised a replacement Flasher Relay, however, given my car had LED side indicators already I was hopeful the replacement relay wasn't needed.

I've subsequently placed an order for a replacement relay with JAL and also discussed the situation with Doug @ JAL, Doug has confirmed my assessment is correct, I need the JAL flasher relay.

Doug as also helpfully explained the behaviour I observed.

"The basic relay supplied by Caterham uses a bi-metal strip that heats up from the ‘load’ produced by the indicator circuit. The heats causes the metal to bend and touch a contact. It then cools and disconnects producing the on/off effect required for indicators along with the satisfying tick tock noise.

LED lights require very little load and therefore the required heat is not produced, this totally confuses the standard relay. The only time the standard relay will work properly is with the hazard lights on. This is because all four indicators produce enough combined heat for the circuit to work correctly."

Interesting stuff.

Once I've received the replacement relay I'll post a follow up blog detailing swapping the relay and the results.

During my email conversation with Doug he also announced his intention to release a high-level brake light. If you recall I'd stated in my previous post my desire to fit one, although I had planned to source components from Car Builder Solutions, I suspect it might be worth waiting for Doug to release his product first and compare before making any commitment.

JAL are also offering a discount to those registering interest in the new product!


Update : 25th April 2019

I received the new JAL flasher relay in the post today, it took moments to fit and as expected restored normal indicator flasher operation. From discussions with Doug at JAL I understand the CF14 supplied by JAL works with any combination of LED and incandescent bulb, so it's safe to use if you are using a combination, such as myself as I'm performing a gradual upgrade. I think it's also worth commenting that such a relay is needed for all LED indicator upgrades, not just the JAL product.

Just Add Lightness JAL CF14JL-02 Flasher for LED
Just Add Lightness JAL CF14JL-02 Flasher for LED

Doug at JAL provided an excellent service and is eager to respond to any queries, he's clearly very proud of his products. I'm now looking forward to the release of the Just Add Lightness high level brake light.

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