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Honda Diary, DC5 First Post

I’ve not blogged the build of the Caterham in some time, mainly because the whole experience has gone quite sour resulting in my enthusiasm to blog waning. I’m sure at some point I’ll rediscover the motivation to post more about the build and specifically the issues. I certainly think writing about the problems I’ve experienced might actually be one of the most important articles the blog contains, but there will be a right time and place to write such a blog. Now isn’t that time!

In the meantime, my Honda Integra Type R (DC5) has developed a fault. It seems to be making a noise from the rear near side wheel assembly. The noise is a simple drone and I’m suspecting a wheel bearing is on it’s way out of service. So far I’ve removed the wheel and checked the tyre plus suspension, basically everything under the arch and it all looks fine. Given there is no drive to the rear of the car I’m think it has to be a wheel bearing.

I’ve never tackled replacing a wheel bearing on Honda before so this will be a new experience. Before starting the task I’ve had to go shopping, first up a new bearing assembly. Thankfully Honda make the job straightforward with the bearing supplied within the hub so there is no need to start pressing or pushing bearings out. The only likely issue in this regarding is if the bearing splits from the mounting during removal, I’m hopeful that won’t happen, if it does, I’ll need some heat and a little persuasion to get the inner race out. I sourced the bearing from Tegiwa, they are a trusted supplier in the Honda world and whilst the bearing isn’t OEM, the supplied NTN brand apparently do supply Honda with the original OEM parts. Coupled with this and Tegiwa’s reputation I’m expecting a good quality part suitable for another 80k miles.

NTN Wheel Bearing, image from Tegiwa

Second purchase is a set of bearing pullers. I’ve bought a cheap set from Amazon. I’m not going to need these very often and so a cheap set will do fine. I also bought a set as I’m not sure on the size I’ll need.

Bearing Pullers from Amazon

I’m currently waiting for the bearing to arrive, once it does and assuming the winter weather stays fine I’ll make a start, and follow up with a detailed blog on the install.

A quick comment on costs.

  • Bearing including delivery, = 79GBP.

  • Bearing puller set, including delivery, = 17.25GBP.

  • Total expected cost = 96.25GBP

I’ve been told the job would be 2 -3 hours at a garage, so that is somewhere in the region of 200.00 GBP labour. I’m still making a notable saving doing the task myself, as that is nowhere near the cost of the bearing pullers which should be the only additional tool I need. Fingers crossed.

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