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here comes the difficult bit and it's getting cold!

It’s late Saturday afternoon and I’m once again back to the laptop to write a blog update.

The last couple of days have been busy ones and tomorrow is set to follow. As I write however the Telegraph news reports snow has hit Scotland and Northern England, nearly my part of the world. I agree today has been bitterly cold both in the garage and outside when the door was open. The helpers didn’t stop moaning either :-) Yes you know who you are!

In all seriousness I hope this weekend will be the last time I need to work on the car with the garage door open and I can continue indoors warmed by a powerful heater. Why?

As mentioned I’ve been busy essentially finalising the engine prep, renting an alternative hoist and then tomorrow (Sunday) the first and hopefully only attempt to install the Ford Duratec will take place. After that, I can seal the garage door for sometime, probably until first start.

So let's summarise the activities over the last couple of days;

  • Thursday I finally fitted the horn, then removed both engine mounts, starter motor and alternator.

  • Friday, I sorted the chassis engine mounts and earth lead.

  • Saturday (today) connected the gearbox, bell housing and engine, added the top hose and sourced an alternative hoist.

Tomorrow will be the big day!

For ease of reading and to some degree writing the blogs I’ll post details on the above in the next couple of posts.

Hope you stick with the blog to see the end result.

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