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Heat shield install

Updated: Jan 21, 2019

The heat shield is very simple, but for completeness I’ve decided to include a quick blog item on the topic. My reasoning is simple, other less experienced builders, like me, might benefit from the blog and my experience prior to attempting the task.

I actually installed the heat shield and Lambda probe after installing the catalytic converter and before the silencer. It will make no difference if you fit the shield before or after the silencer, so don’t worry if you’ve fitted the silencer already.

The heat shield is in 3 parts, the shield and 2 worm drive style bands or large jubilee clips.

Caterham 7 exhaust heat shield
Heat shield and fixings

You need to fully open each worm drive and rotate each band through two retaining brackets on the underneath of the heat shield, as shown below.

Caterham 7 exhaust heat shield 420R
Fixings attached to heat shield

Then keeping the bands open fix the heat shield around the catalytic converter and secure by passing the bands back into their worm drives and tightening. I positioned the worm drives at the rear and out of the way. I’m not sure if this would be an IVA requirement but it certainly looks better.

Caterham 7 exhaust heat shield
Heat shield installed

Job done!

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