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Fuel gauge inaccuracy

Updated: Apr 11, 2019

My 7s recent S.V.A. submission and success required the fuel tank on the car to be brimmed, and in doing so highlighted a common issue with the fuel gauge accuracy or should we say lack of. Unfortunately, mine seems to be pretty bad, so much so it's next to useless, I'm sure there is a fault which needs to be addressed.

I'd filled the tank on the morning of the test and have also topped it up again to sanity check the situation, but sadly found the gauge reads no more than 3/16 full, that's approximately halfway between the top of the red shaded area and 1/4 full for a full tank. That's pretty bad.

Caterham 7 Blog fuel gauge issue
Fuel gauge, red line denoting maximum swing for a full tank, not great

The gauge swings through the complete arc when turning on the ignition, so the gauge in principle looks fine.

I'm assuming at this point this issue is with either,

  • Electrical connection / loom;

  • Sender within the tank; or

  • Float within the tank.

I've emailed Derek Howlett at Caterham Cars and explained the situation. As yet Derek hasn't responded but I'm sure he'll respond in due course. Once I know more I'll follow up with a subsequent post.

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