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Fire Safety Stick

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

This blog post is very much a quick midweek post regarding a new accessory for the Seven 620R. A Fire Safety Stick.

Since the 620R replaced my Lotus Exige Cup I've got a tendency to compare both cars, and this includes considering how they'll stack up on track days. Sadly because of Covid and travel restrictions attending a UK track day isn't possible. I'm left wondering over a cup of tea and watching too many Youtube videos. Sadly there's no Seven 620R videos around Oulton Park! Why is that!

My Lotus Exige Cup was one of the final Lotus Motorsport cars and as such was fitted with an FIA plumbed fire extinguisher system. A feature not specified on the 620R, but certainly a sensible one for any track or competition car. This got me thinking, how to address the matter without compromising weight and adding such complexity. I used to hate arming the fire extinguisher!

After some research, I came across the Fire Safety Stick. A lightweight fire suppression system ideal for any vehicle but particularly a Seven. I've since purchased a 25 second Fire Safety Stick. I'll store the device in the boot, and then move it to the cabin during track days.

The 25 second Fire Safety Stick which happens to be the smallest of the range weighs 162g. In comparison a small fire extinguisher, the sort typically fitted to a footwell weighs 2.2kg. Now I'm sure there will be plenty of debate as to whether the Fire Safety Stick is as good as a traditional extinguisher. My current thinking is that it's better than nothing.

Have a look at the marketing video, see what you think.

Where to buy;

I bought mine from Amazon, but I've since found out these are available from JAL, my bad!

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