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Engine mounting rubber blocks and earth lead

This one is slightly out of sequence, and jumps back a couple of days in terms of the overall build, it’s basically part of the prep for the engine.

First up, this bit is only documented in the 2015 assembly guide which I wasn’t sent. If like me Caterham didn’t send you the 2015 document, I’d recommend getting it, otherwise there is zero information on this next bit.

Two rubber engine mounting blocks need to be fixed to the chassis, they’ll support the engine and receive the main securing bolts later.

The guide recommends cleaning the threads within the mounts of excess rubber. I carefully screwed the intend bolts into the holes and sure enough plenty of rubber was discharged out of the bottom of the threads. The rubber also transferred to the bolt threads too so had to spend 10 mins with a stiff detailing brush cleaning up the threads.

The right hand side is straightforward to fit.

Place the block on the chassis rail, it’s pretty obvious where it goes. Then use the correct bolt, two washers either side and a nyloc underneath as per the fastener pack details. Don’t tighten the nylocs you’ll need play when it comes to the engine install.

The left hand side is more complex as you need to install the earth lead (Ref 2694) onto the leading or front most bolt hole. The earth lead will sit on top of the block. So the order from top down is, bolt, washer, lead, block, washer, nyloc.

To ensure a good ground you are recommended to remove some of the powder coat from the chassis rail. I used a fine file to remove a small amount around the mounting hole and also on both sides of the mounting block. Then fitted.

Simple and quick. I’ve yet to protect tho the surface where the powder coat was removed, if at all possible. That’s for the snagging list at the end.

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