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CTEK MXS 3.8 & Indicator CIG Plug Operation

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Testing the CTEK MSX 3.8 charger and Comfort Indicator Cig Plug didn't take long as it worked immediately without complication.

The charger and plug were connected together using the 'Comfort connector' and the plug inserted into the Caterham's 12v socket. The charger was then switched on at the 240v wall socket. The 7's ignition was left off, and no key was inserted or turned!

The charger was switch to mode or program 2 denoted by the image of a car. This program is for typical operation of standard sized batteries. The charger then immediately passed through the first 2 stages of the charge program and held charging at step 3.

CTEK MXS 3.8 Mode 2 Program step 3

The MXS 3.8 has 7 stages within its charging program, these are as follows;

  1. Desulphation, detects sulphated batteries and attempts to correct.

  2. Soft start, tests if the battery can accept charge, aborts if not.

  3. Bulk, Charges with maximum current.

  4. Absorption, charging with declining current, to maximise battery capacity.

  5. Analyze, tests if the battery can hold charge, if not battery may require replacing.

  6. Float, Maintains the battery level at maximum level.

  7. Pulse, Maintains the battery at 95-100%.

Given the successful charging state of the battery the Cig plug indicator switch to the 'OK' state and flashed green as captured in the following video.

The indicator has 3 states as follows;

  • Red, 'Charge Now!'

  • Yellow, 'Charge!'

  • Green, 'OK!'

Yes CTEK seem to like their !

I also tested the plug as a pure indicator, disconnecting the Comfort connector from the charger, the green LED flashed as above denoting the 'OK!' status of the battery. Note before disconnecting the charger the charge program had moved to step 4 absorption.

All in all a very quick and simple setup, and it certainly makes life maintaining the battery on the 7 easy. I would highly recommend one.


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