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Caterham 7 420R 1000 mile Service, 926 miles to be precise.

So the 7 went in for its first service the 1000 mile service at Oakmere Motorgroup yesterday. As ever the staff at Oakmere were fantastically friendly and helpful.

We arrived at the dealership around 8:15 am, slightly later than planned as the SatNav decided we needed to experience Northwich centre at 8:00 am in the morning. I'm not sure why it took such an odd route, we've successfully used the nav lots of times before, so leaving the dealership I ignored the satnav and took the route I'd intended and there were no holdups or road works which might account for the satnavs odd choice of route.

As mentioned we arrived at 8:15 and the reception staff politely checked the car in for the service. We subsequently went and sat upstairs to wait.

Caterham 7 blog Oakmere Motorgroup
Chilling at Oakmere Motorgroup waiting for the service to be completed, look at those toys!

Midway through the wait Oakmere's service manager Paul Anderson came and sat with us for around 10 minutes and had a natter about the build. This is very much indicative of the care shown by Oakmere Motorgroup and especially the Lotus, Caterham and Morgan team.

By 10:00 am the service was finished and were ready to leave. Paul Anderson commented the service technicians had only found one issue with the car and that was the engine mount bolt which also attached the earthing strap to wasn't sufficiently torqued, beyond that all was fine. Excellent.

The end of our return jouney on a quiet B road I gave the throttle a good hard poke in 2nd gear for the first time ever. I was quite unprepared for the ferocity of the acceleration, which genuinely pulled my head and neck backwards. Now she's pretty much run in I can't wait to have some fun with her.

Next up, the start of the Fish N Chip run. We have a long drive from Cheshire down to Chepstow with an overnight stay, then an early start at The Piercefield Inn. The weather is looking a little changeable at present, but we are hoping for a drying bright day.

Caterham 7 blog 420R 1000 miles done
Caterham 7 420R basking in the sun, 1000 miles in!

Thanks for returning and reading the latest post if a little short.

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