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Additional PPF for the Bonnet

Over the last couple of days I've finally ceramic coated the front alloy wheels along with adding the white tyre lettering as per the rears. The process has been the same as that documented in the blog article found here;

Removing the front wheels so they could be worked on required the 7 to be placed on front axle stands, which of course needed a jack underneath the car to lift it. Given clearance is very tight and to avoid accidental damage I removed the bonnet and nose cone. Both items also received a good detail and protective layer of wax while off the car.

Caterham 7 Blog Toxic Green
Caterham 7 bonnet after some protective wax Lotus Toxic Green

Once the bonnet was removed I noticed a small amount of paint damage to the downward facing nearside front. It was pretty small, but I thought best to protect it, I certainly didn't want it getting worse.

Caterham 7 build bonnet paint damage
Caterham 7 Bonnet paint damage

Time for the trusty Paint Protection Film. Fortunately, I'd still got some offcuts from the build where I'd used the PPF to protect the carbon wing protectors and body.

I cut a thin strip of PPF in readiness, then cleaned the panel with IPA as a degreaser, sprayed the panel area with a mix of water/washing up liquid as a temporary lubricant and attached the PPF. The process was then finished by pressing out the lubricant with a finger and drying with a hairdryer.

The PPF should hopefully stop further damage, but I might need to periodically replace the PPF if the problem continues. #Caterhamlife




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