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2021 Q4 Quick Update

Let's start with a little site maintenance.

Blog categories have been simplified. A number of categories that contained a single blog post have been removed and placed under one unified category. Additionally, a new Product Info category has been introduced providing a simple reference source to the various products used throughout my Caterham Seven experience. This category will hopefully grow in time leading to a a wider range of product information, from upgrades, tools, and car detailing. At present relevant historical posts have been included within the new category. I'm certainly looking forward to documenting the ZirconiteUK detailing products I've used recently.

What's happening with the 420R during Q4?

Plenty for sure! To summarise;

  1. Full service, including all fluids regardless of service intervals.

  2. LSD replacement, dropping out the existing Titan LSD and fitting a new Titan LSD.

  3. Evaluation of the original Titan LSD and potential remedial works.

  4. Suspension upgrade, Penske 7500 2 Way Diggresive with Suplex spring kit replacing the Bilstein equipment supplied witht the kit.

  5. Rework of the cooling system 'top hose', designed to reduce the transmission of engine vibration

  6. General nut and bolt check across the entire chassis.

The above activities will be spread across the remainder of 2021, infact the LSD replacement project is already underway. GIven the expected gradual burn of these projects I intend to blog small but regular posts regarding progress rather than single posts related to a given project.

Any news on the 620R?

Yes, this month (October) the 620R will receive a factory revision to the cooling system. More on that to follow.

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