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Rally Report PokerStars Rally 2019

The collection of the 620 wasn't the only big event in November this year! The month saw the return of Steve Colley and myself to the Manx Rally Championship. We entered the Pokerstars Rally 2019, in Group E with a Mitsubishi Evolution 7. Thanks to some astonishing weather the event turned into one of the toughest I've ever done.

Car 5, ready to start

During the night stages on the first day we had to deal with rapidly freezing road conditions. Sheet ice developed mid stage like something out of the movie Day After Tomorrow. Having started the rally on slicks, such weather made the evening loop very difficult.

PokerStars Rally 2019 SS1, before the freeze

Saturday then followed with heavy rain, snow and flooding. I recall one stage felt like we were driving up a river of fast flowing brown water. The floodwater wasn't stationary across the road, it actually flowed down towards the car. Quite bizarre.

Water in Druidale was quite something

All things considered, our event went well. We brought the car home in 3rd, a very respectable position considering the more expensive machinery around us. Though Steve had to drive the socks off the car, sometimes well beyond its limits! The rally certainly wasn't without a few near misses. We also won Best Manx Crew!

If you're interested, you can find a full rally report on Special Stage below.

The following video times are relevant to the Colley/Rodman entry.

2m16s, 7m31s, 17m36s, 20m,25s

The rally car has now been moved on, and a new Evo 9 is due for the forthcoming Manx Championship! Can't wait......

Oh and big shout out to my wife and Olivia for marshalling all rally. Without their efforts in terrible conditions we wouldn't be able to compete!

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