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New radiator is coming

If you've been following my build through this blog then you'll know I've had some significant issues with the radiator and oil cooler. I posted a summary of the problems during the following blog article back on the 3rd of January.

In the background there's been a fair amount of dialogue between Caterham and myself over the matter which resulted in Caterham eventually deciding to revise the radiator and bracket design, so I've been waiting for the engineering and production processes to be completed. At the end of last week I received communication confirming those processes were now complete and the revised radiator was on its way. Excellent news.

In the coming week I'll be posting the outcome which will hopefully put the matter to bed and allow the engine bay to be finally completed. I can then look towards putting fluids into the car and maybe even starting it. Over the weekend I've started the process of stripping down the existing radiator from the car ready for the coming week.

Caterham Build Blog 7 420R
Radiator removed, car ready to receive the new design

I still have a vast amount of build content to blog, the radiator faff destroyed my motivation, but I'm getting back to it, so keep coming back. There's lots of content detailing the passenger compartment, including the carbon seats and trim panels. Then there's the engine bay plumbing and electrics too. I appreciate the blog is no longer chronological in nature, having a mixture of posts detailing recent work, and retrospective posts detailing older work, given this I would urge you to make use of the search functionality. If you are looking for content on a particular topic try entering the term into the search box.

Search box Caterham
Search function, look for the content which helps with your build

If you can't find it, then leave a comment suggesting I cover the topic.

Thanks for now!

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